April 15th, 2019

“I worked mainly with Tim for half a year at DynamX Physical Therapy in San Marino and it was an amazing experience. I’d stay with them for my PT if I didn’t move out of state.

They really cater to your individual needs as I had long term complications from my medical treatments. I had to learn how to walk normally again after my surgery, then strengthening my legs so I can walk further and longer. Tim and everyone else worked with me throughout the times I’ve been there and was attentive during the process. The staffs at DynamX were also extremely helpful and was dedicated to their patients’ recovery. They are all cheerful and energetic, which makes the most painful moments during my sessions bearable.

The San Marino location has everything that we needed for my therapy and I did not have to worry about not being able to do something due to lack of equipment.

I really enjoyed my time at DynamX and would definitely recommend anyone that requires PT to come here.”