Patient Testimonials

  • “It is so nice to have a physical therapy office that treats you with kindness, professionalism, and actually knows intimately what they are talking about! I am an athlete with recurring IT band/piriformis issues. I so appreciate the treatments I receive because they are preventative as well as rehabilitative. Lovely office space too!!”


  • “They approach physical therapy with unmatched honesty and intelligence. The physical therapists are a perfect combination of smart, friendly, and professional. You can’t go wrong!

    I have been to others but nothing even remotely close. At the end of the day, we all want to feel better and this is place to achieve that.”


  • “I love coming here! The physical therapists genuinely care about you and are extremely knowledgeable in their field. For every question I have, they answer in a detailed and clear way. The facility is also clean and very spacious. Additionally, I enjoy how they offer FREE consultations – it provides a sneak peak of the experience you would receive. If you’re in need of physical therapy, I recommend coming here!”


  • “I’ve had a fantastic experience at Dynamx Buena Park. This place is suited to help with patello-femoral syndrome, and the staff are friendly and encouraging. They also send you off with emailed exercises if you ever want more after your physical therapy prescription. And most importantly my knee injury improved!”


  • “I strongly recommend this place! They are all 100% caring professionals. To date the physical therapy results have surpassed my expectations. Each physical therapist has lovingly helped me strengthen my muscles to overcome my injury and get back on my feet again. You guys rock! Thank you!”


  • “My experience with Dynamx Physical Therapy has been nothing short of amazing. I had a SLAP repair on my left shoulder on June 1st and Nick and Ben have been amazing in making sure my shoulder was well rested before starting PT too soon and once I started my shoulder has never felt better. It’s been the best it’s been in 6 years! They accommodated to my travel needs by having me record videos of some of my exercises and making sure that my shoulder continues to progress even when I was not physically at Dynamx. I am looking forward to being able to go back to college and feel active in sports again without fear of having my shoulder hold me back.”


  • “I really appreciate the staff here at DynamX. Every single person I dealt with was very professional and also very encouraging in the rehabilitation of my injury. I ruptured my Achilles and after surgery, came to DynamX for my physical therapy. Over the course of my sessions, the staff was very attentive to my needs and my condition. They provided a very custom regiment for my specific situation. Although the work was hard, I appreciated that it was not just busy work, but that it really did make an impact on my getting back to where I was physically before my injury. Thanks especially to Tim, Rob, Paul and Nat for pushing me at the end.”


  • “I worked mainly with Tim for half a year at DynamX Physical Therapy in San Marino and it was an amazing experience. I’d stay with them for my PT if I didn’t move out of state.

    They really cater to your individual needs as I had long term complications from my medical treatments. I had to learn how to walk normally again after my surgery, then strengthening my legs so I can walk further and longer. Tim and everyone else worked with me throughout the times I’ve been there and was attentive during the process. The staffs at DynamX were also extremely helpful and was dedicated to their patients’ recovery. They are all cheerful and energetic, which makes the most painful moments during my sessions bearable.

    The San Marino location has everything that we needed for my therapy and I did not have to worry about not being able to do something due to lack of equipment.

    I really enjoyed my time at DynamX and would definitely recommend anyone that requires PT to come here.”


  • “I had the best possible experience. All the trainers were comforting, informative, and attentive. They really took the time to listen and really did a good job of not only setting me on a path to recovery but also made me look forward to the days I got to come in.”