Our Practice

The DynamX Approach

Doctors of Physical Therapy: Residency & Fellowship Trained Physical Therapists

DynamX Physical Therapy clinics utilize current evidence-based treatment combined with Applied Functional Science®. Each of our therapists has a certification or fellowship training in Applied Functional Science®. We encourage you to come to experience the difference.

Our patients receive current evidence-based physical therapy and hand therapy care in a friendly and caring environment. Our treatment focuses on the principles of Applied Functional Science®, emphasizing the importance of assessing every patient in a global, functionally-specific manner. This assessment allows us to identify the movement pattern issues that contribute directly to your pain. By specifically discovering these movement pattern issues, we are able to develop a focused treatment plan that addresses what specifically caused your pain.

Our History

DynamX Physical Therapy began in 2013 serving the greater Buena Park area. DynamX has expanded to 4 locations serving the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Marino areas.  DynamX is a leader in Los Angles and Orange County for Applied Functional Science which is an active biomechanical approach to treatment meaning we get you on your feet and moving.  DynamX is committed to giving our patients the best Physical Therapy services southern California has to offer.  At DynamX, we are dedicated to achieving your recovery goals.

Our Mission

DynamX Physical Therapy clinics provide one on one quality physical therapy, hand therapy, and recovery services in the greater southern California area. The physical therapist’s training in Applied Functional Science™ will give each patient a new approach to their rehabilitation, fitness, and personal health. The DynamX approach will be shared with patients, the community, and community partners to enhance wellness, injury prevention, and movement education.